Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Today Suzanne and some of the women who take the Y art classes met to demonstrate in the center of the lovely spacious building. Ellie kindly offered to sit for me! As you can see she is very paintable! And a joy to paint.
12" x 16"     Oil      Sold

5 Squared

The Davis YMCA is taking donations of art five inches square. These six are squares I took from older paintings. The top left was painted in Colorado. The two to the right of it are from a plein air competition I entered at the Van Wert  County Fair. the bottom left is a sunrise on lake erie, and the two bottom right from one painting at a nearby pond. 

6 five inch square oil paintings. Available in January at the Davis YMCA

Friday, December 11, 2015

Bells & Pomegranates

This is my seasonal still life and a setup for a demo that I painted last Saturday at the Hoyt. I hope to take a better photo later. The painting is hanging in the Butler Sales Gallery currently. The demo is larger. I haven't finished it, but will post it when I do. 
12" x 16"       Oil on board           $450