Sunday, February 9, 2020

Still Life With Blackbirds

Picked a few things we had sitting around, arranged them together and decided this was paintable. I worked on it two nights.  
12" x 18"   oil on linen   $450

The Musicians

One day I tied to capture Michelle and Becky playing folk music together. It is hanging in a show at this time in a town on the west side of Ohio, near Wapakoneta. They were fairly good models, being painters themselves.
12" x 12"    Oil on wood    $450

Still Life with Chinese Vase

Orchids have bloomed nicely for us this winter. Our neighbor gifted us with this one. So it had to go in a few paintings!
10" X 10"    Oil on Wood    $350

One day in January it was warm enough to paint plein air. This is our backyard wooded area. When we were young it was a pasture for our cow and a sled riding hill. Some of the trees are dying off and need to be felled. But it is a restful place in every season.
8" x 10"   Oil on panel    $150

Beach Still Life

Shari invited us to paint in her studio area. I grabbed a shell as I left home, thinking it might be added. It was exactly the thing. We hadn't even talked about it, but she had other shells and driftwood set up for us to paint. Artists have a lot in common!
12" x 12"    Oil on Wood     $375

Through The Window

Last month the East Ohio Plein Air group met at the artist Charles Burchfield's Homestead in Salem. We painted looking out the windows as he did when living there. 
18" x 24"  oil on gesso board    $400

Still Life With Red

The East Ohio Plein Air group has been meeting in the homes and studios of our members during the cold months. Shari invited us to her studio one Monday. She had the red fiesta pitcher, lovely red patterned scarf, brass bowl
18" x 12"   Oil on linen  $350