Thursday, December 13, 2018

Fall Apples With Pitcher

Sometimes I substitute teach in Suzanne's art class at the Davis YMCA. This past month some of her students asked me to demo. This painting was the result. The fall leaves were nearly gone, but I brought these in. I found the pitcher with matching salt shakers at a bazar.
24" x 18"   oil on ampersand    $450 


When artist friends spend time together they paint! Doreen sat for me late one night. You can see this is a rough sketch, it was way past my normal bedtime, but I am liking the softness and a look that is her.

Coal Bucket Still life

Some days in winter Plein Air painting is not practical, so we meet at Anita's, or another artist's home. Anita arranges interesting things for still lives. I sometimes add or rearrange or not.
10" x 10"     Oil on wood   Sold

Mill Creek Trail

First snow painting this year! The tree to the right in the foreground was a study in texture. The day was overcast.
11" x 14"  oil on linen   $350

Gourds With Still Life

Painted in Anita's Kitchen. She found these gourds for practically nothing. What a super addition to a challenging arrangement.
10" x 10"   Oil on Wood     $350

The Scarlet Tea Pot

Another still life painted in Anita's kitchen. The scarlet tea pot will go down in history as recorded by artists who paint Anita's still lives! The uplighting gave the red glow similar to coals of fire.
10" x 10"   oil on wood  $350

The Yellow Brick

This 1890 yellow brick house caught my eye as we drove into Fredricktown. The color popped against the grey skies, and the reflections on the wet street gave some imaginary warmth to the cold day. 
11" x 14"  Oil on linen   $450