Saturday, December 30, 2017

White Poinsettia on Gold Lame'

On the Third Monday artist met in Suzanne's studio. I was quite happy that she had this lovely white poinsettia for us to paint. The shiny gold lame' cloth was a bonus!!. This time we used one of her floor lights to illuminate it. I do like to paint challenging stuff. I am very happy with the way the paint went on the surface. It was a new support, still cradled board.

20" x 16"  Cradled Wood   $450

Pink Poinsettia

We invited everyone to Paint in our studio the second Monday this month. I was bent on painting Poinsettia, preferably pink! So I went on a search to purchase pink. Again, with these short daylight hours, I began with a nice backlit still life. Thought I would return at the same time a couple days later. That lovely green hill outside my studio window was snow white. Liking the green, so, on to the next one.
16" x 20" on Cradled Wood   $350

Bowl of Oranges on Yellow Table

Our Plein Aire artists were invited to Anita's the first Monday of December. I chose this still life she had set up in her kitchen. Her yellow kitchen table is my choice for the background! Even when painting inside the lighting from the window affects the image/color/value. I first choose to paint with only window lighting, then as that changed, and lighting on my easel disappeared all colors changed. Struggle, but is has a rhythm!
12" x 12"  Oil on cradled board  $350

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Zepernick Lake Preserve

This past Monday Kathy prompted me to arrange a Plein Air Paint-out at Zepernick Lake preserve on State Route 172. The sun was bright, although the air was nippy. We took care to sit in plain view, aware that it was deer hunting season.

12" x 24"   oil on cradled wood   $550

Hoyt View of New Castle

Ending that same week in Eleventh Month I painted a view from the Hoyt Art Center second floor window. They held and their fall open house on the 18th. The New Castle news even used a photograph of me in their news story! Not pretty, at my age, but the palette and painting looked good!

12" x 12"   oil on cradled wood   $550

Purple Kraut

I was invited to demonstrate for some students of Michelle's in Wapakoneta. Taking things I had at hand, I decided to use objects that might be used in sauerkraut. A wooden stomper, salt, vinegar, purple cabbage, a steel grater, bak choy, and some pots. The audience seemed appreciative, plus they were fun and entertaining!
12" x 12"   Oil on Cradled wood   $650

Lamppost Farm

11/13/17, Having scheduled a Meet-up to paint at Lamppost Farms I thought in the early part of the day no one would meet me there. The rain discourages some artists. I didn't feel like battling the rain either. However the rain let up about time to leave, so I went. The animals on this farm seem comfortable with a stranger, even curious. So, I painted alone this dreary day in Eleventh Month.

12" x 12"   Oil on cradled board      $350