Sunday, October 14, 2018

Cook Farm

The Cook farm, just a couple miles west of our home. It is the 30th painting in the September challenge. Sitting in Bethel Cemetery, I painted until the cows went home. (Hence not cows in the painting.) The black and white cattle can make a striking painting, but the sunlit barn on a hill was enough this time.
11" x 14"   Oil on linen   $550

Peck Of Peppers

It was so much fun to paint the colorful peppers at the fair! So, on a rainy day I went back to Rhodes' Market to buy more for another still life. The old basket and my favorite linen towels joined the peppers in jewel like glory.
12" x 16"    Oil on canvas board   $550


Anemone dance in our front garden. Another dance of sun spots on the lawn and rail fence also performed that evening.
8" x 8"  Oil on gessoed board  $195

Sunflower Arrangement

I was asked to Demo for the YMCA art program at the Canfield Fair. I planted sunflowers, hoping for a paintable display. The day was hot and the poor flowers soon wilted. But then they have a certain gestural beauty to them. The old crock and colorful peppers complete the rhythm.

18" x 24"  Oil on gessoed board   $450

Sunflowers On A Cloudy Day

Whitehouse Farms planted a field of sunflowers this year. The days I painted There were cloudy and threatened rain. But the overcast conditions worked like a shade tree for comfort in the heat.
16" x 20"    Oil on gessoed panel  $450

Pumpkin Patch

The Whitehouse pumpkin patch on a rainy day. Ideal place to be under an umbrella standing in a little mud, studying the orange pumpkin on the vine.
11" x 14" oil on board  $350

Friday, October 12, 2018

The Shelf Over The Stove

On a rainy day I not wanting to paint out, and I prefer to paint from life I will do a still life. This is a small sketch of the self over our kitchen stove. I am thrilled with the way it came together!!
5" x 7"    Oil on board    $450