Friday, September 8, 2017

Lotus Blossom

A small pond not far from us displays these glorious lilies every fall. It's somewhat challenging to paint them as the wind blows the platter sized lily pads about like a line full of laundry flapping. The plein air artists who painted along side me enjoyed the lovely day the Lord blessed us with as we painted the lotus blossoms.  
18" x 20"    Oil on cradled board     $650

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Sunflower Patch

The Mill Creek metro-park experimental farm planted a field of sunflowers this year. I almost missed them. They are fading, but we had a good turnout of painters who did lovely renderings of the golden flowers.
12" x 24"  oil on cradled wood $650

Catalpa Farm Market

On the day of the eclipse we met to paint plein air at Catalpa Grove farm market. What a day to study the light in the open air. originally I expected to paint some of the farm. But, I was drawn to this lovely table of ceramic pots against a background of old barn windows.

12" x 12"   oil on cradled board     $350

Zinnia Patch

An artist friend, Betsy Ford, organized a plein air paint-out in Mill Creek Fellows Garden area for the area watercolor society. She did a fantastic painting herself from the gazebo. I was drawn to this patch of bright pink zinnias. The bench in the shadows made the perfect setting. (no joke) 
12" x 12"       oil on cradled wood      $650

Beaver Creek Summer

We had a good artist turnout this week! We all sort of crowded down along the creek again. Nothing like water reflections to give a glow to a painting and a flow to the composition.
12" x 12"     oil on cradled wood    $550

Summer Creek

Plein Air group meet at Beaver Creek state park. The wild flowers   backlit against the creek were an inspiration. Soaking up the quiet peace of the valley as I paint is a wonderful experience. Entering this in a show!!
12" x 12"     oil on cradled wood      $650

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Burlingame Farm

This past Monday I painted at the Burlingame farm. What a joy to sit in those fields on a summer day, clouds floating in a blue sky, fresh giant hay bales scattered beneath
12" x 24" Oil on cradled wood  $450