Sunday, December 15, 2019

The Children's Garden

Tena, a facebook friend, asked me to give her some lessons in September. We met in Fellows Gardens at the children's garden to paint these colorful flowers. When we were finishing up I noticed the red flowers on the bottom left had folded up. Tena said, "oh yes, those are four o'clocks". 
12" x 16"   Oil on Linen  $350

Ron's Farmhouse

The artist's voted to return to Ron's farm the next week. His house was as interesting to paint as his barn. The cat strolling in the sidewalk added to it's charm.
12" x 12"  Oil on Linen   $350

Main Street Shop

Some artists in Columbiana organized an "Art Walk" one Saturday in September. They invited plein air artists to demonstrate along Main Street. This antique shop called to me. The event was very popular with the locals.
12" x 12"  Oil on Linen Panel  $350

Ron's Barn

In September we on Ron's farm near Berlin Lake. Beth had known him since she was a child and always wanted to paint there. How great to know people who own paintable places! 
11" x 14"   Oil on Linen   $400

Angel Fields

Another field of Sunflowers belonging to the Angel family on Beaver Lake Road. The purple clouds were moving in as a backdrop to the gold.

11" x 14" Oil on linen panel   $350

Still Life With Peaches

Suzanne has asked me to demonstrate at the Canfield Fair the past few years. Not liking to paint from photos I take a still life set-up to paint. 
12" x 16"  Oil  $450

Keith's Sunflower Field

Another sunflower field last August. I had some trouble connecting with the owner of the property for permission for our plein air group to paint here. The old barn was a fabulous bonus to put in the painting.

12" x 24" Oil on Cradled Wood  $400