Thursday, August 23, 2018

Franklin Square Lotus

I return to this pond every year to paint these amazing lilies!! The flowers are as large as a dinner plate and their pads wave and flap in the breezes. It is a challenge trying to capture the nuances of light on the green hues. I am happy with the intensity of color in this painting. Christi, Anita and Becky joined me, painting at this small pond with the big lilies, this week
18" x 24"    oil on ampersand gessoed board   $750

Shari's Goldfish

Shari has some amazing gardens, and friendly goldfish. They know her voice and come to the surface when they sense her presence. The rain slowed me down, so I had to return the following day. I enjoyed this different angle for my composition.
18" x 24"  oil   $550

Hawkins Homestead

This farm, only 4 few miles from us, is on the property settled by the Hawkins family in the early 1800's. They built a home of handmade brick using the clay on the property. My Grandfather was born in that house. 
12" x 24" Oil on cradled wood  $450

Afternoon on The Rocks

You might wonder about the title. It is literally true. I climbed  down the rocky shoreline, with my art gear & two artist friends. We sat on large flat rocks all afternoon painting this scene. The lapping of waves against the rocks and a cool breeze kept us totally contented with our lot in life!
11" x 14"   oil on linen   $450

Rocky Shore Tiger Lilies

After a week of teaching I thought I was too weary to paint more. Not true! Now I could sit behind the flower bed and capture a lake scene with tiger lilies in the foreground. 
11" 14"   Oil on linen   $350

Pavilion At Lakeside Chautaqua

This is the second demo I started for the classes at Lakeside. Not that they watched me paint. They all made a good start and went ahead pretty much on their own, with only a little guidance on my part, to turn out some great paintings!
The days were perfect for plein air painting.
11' x 14" Oil on linen  $350

Tuesday At Kelly's

One week July I taught a Plein Air class at Lakeside, s Methodist Chautauqua on Lake Erie. This is the demo I started to show the class how to start a painting. Later I finished and sold the painting at the Sunday afternoon art sale in front of the pavilion. The buyer named it for me!! Kelly's Island is seen in the distant line of purple trees. Also I painted it on Tuesday. 
9" x 12"   oil    SOLD