Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Fresh Lemonade

As winter has come in Ohio my artist friends are not wanting to paint outside. Anita, one of the artist, has offered her home as an alternative to gather inside to paint. Last week I took these lemons and a hobnail pitcher for a still life. Her dinning room table was a lovely lemon color! Thanks Anita1
12" x 12"     Oil on cradled Birchwood     $450

Windowsill Arrangement

This is the second year, as an art instructor, I was invited to demo at the Hoyt in New Castle during their open house. The windowsills in that lovely mansion turned art museum are perfect for painting still lives. 
11" x 14"  Oil on cradled birch wood    $450

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Autumn in West Virginia

Michelle, an artist friend from Wapakoneta, came to visit one day this week. We searched for a good spot to paint on the West Virgina side of the Ohio river.  We found this spot near Newall. The temperature was very summery for November. Perfect for Plein Air!!
12" x 24"   Oil on wood   $450

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Ohio River Valley

East Liverpool is an Ohio river city. This is the spectacular view in autumn hues from the hilltop this Monday. West Virginia is just across the river. The temperature was a little nippy, but my sister and two friends, Sheri and Carol all did wonderful paintings. One of my art instructors used to tell us we would make better art if we were not too comfortable! 
12" x 12"  oil on cradled wood    $550

Friday, October 28, 2016

Lanterman's Mill

This week our Plein Air artists met at Lanterman mill in Mill Creek Metroparks. The temperature stayed around 50 degrees, but I layered with a wool and a down vest and did not notice the temps. The painting sold "wet off the easel!!"
12" x 12" Oil on cradled wood   SOLD

Autumn At Beaver Creek

A couple of weeks ago our Autumn colors were just beginning to sparkle when sunlit. The Monday painting group met at Beaver Creek State park. I set up at the east edge of the bridge with a view to the south.
11" x 14"  oil   $350

Beight's Barn

It may be obvious that I love the old barns. They are becoming scarce. Many are only shells of the original structure. This is still a working barn at the Bieght Farm along State Route 170.
16" x 24" Oil on Linen.    $450