Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Flooded Woods

This week was warm for February, in the high 50's. So I scheduled  the group to paint outside. Having had melted snow plus plenty of rain this month the creeks and rivers are overflowing their banks. We enjoyed painting along Mill Creek Drive in this sunny day. 
11" x 14" Oil on linen   $275

Still Life On Pareo

My artist group (Eastern Ohio Plein Air) met at Sue's this Monday afternoon. She had this wonderful still life arranged for her morning watercolor class. The amazing cloth is Pareo.  What fun shapes and colors!  
12" x 12"   Oil on Cradled Wood   $450

Winter In The Valley

My Artist Friend Michelle came for a visit. We have such a thrill painting plein air together! Even in winter we have a desire to capture the beauty of a snowy landscape. Cold as it was that day we braved the cold to paint this stream near my home. Sometimes I think a challenge of difficult weather somehow makes the painting more successful. Sometimes, not always.
12" x 12" Oil on Cradled Wood  $550


I enjoyed painting three sparkling goblets and a potted jade plant on the first Monday of this month. The artists were hosted by Anita, who is a retired art teacher and knows how to put together some interesting still lives. 
12" x 12" Oil on cradled wood  $350

Sunday, February 11, 2018

YMCA Five Squared

Below are the four 5" x 5" oil paintings on wood that I donated to the YMCA fundraiser this year.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Cup Of Cactus On A Cold Winter Day

This month our Meet-up group only painted two Mondays. Sue invited us to meet in her studio. She lives at the edge of a wooded ravine. This old cactus on a sill in her studio seemed to symbolize warmer places, not to mention a steamy drink on a cold winter day.
12" x 12"  Oil on cradled wood  $450

Snowy Creek

One snowy day this month my artist friend Kathy Farthing asked if I wanted to meet her somewhere to paint. We live, maybe 20 miles from one another. With all the snow we knew even many parking areas in parks or pull offs would not be cleared. We agreed that a creek would be an ideal painting in the snow. I found this along old route 558, where nearby a friendly farmer had no problem with us parking our cars at the end of his plowed drive.  
It is always difficult to motivate oneself to paint in cold weather. But, when you plan to meet a friend, then dress in many warm layers, and get out there, it rather exhilarating. To top it off people are so amazed that artists would be so crazy as to paint outside in winter weather.
18" x 24"  oil on cradled wood   $550