Monday, May 25, 2015

Street Faire

Painted an old fashioned street fair in East Palestine this weekend. One summer we had a sleepover at my grandparents when cousins visited from California. My grandmother walked with us downtown, about six blocks from their home, to ride the ferris wheel. Grandma rode with us. We were probably about 10 years old.

16" x 24"    Oil on masonite     $575

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Swamp Iris

The Plein Air East Ohio group met this week at Mill Creek Metroparks lily pond. The yellow swamp iris were in full bloom in a swampy area near the pond. A few sprinkles of rain fell as clouds moved over us, the sun came and went behind clouds. A little thunder rumbled in the distance. It only adds to the ambiance of outdoor painting.
12" x 12"        Oil on Board          $550

Sprucevale in Spring

This is a painter's paradise. Took my dog, just in case I might need protection. It just happened to be the weekend a boy scout troop camped here. What a blessing those guys are. When the rains came they offered to help carry my things & lead my dog up the path to my car.
16" x 20"   Oil      $650

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mill Creek Bridge

The day was cold, in the 50's. I would not have chosen to paint today, but a fellow artist friend asked if I would, so I did. Really like the result. 
11" x 14"   Oil on Linen     $450

Poland Woods

Painted at Poland woods this week. The Virginia Bluebells were just about done. The spring greens were leafing out in abundance.
12" x 12"   Oil on linen.     $350

Yellow Tulips

I sat outside one evening painting the yellow Tulips blooming in our yard. Not as easy as one might imagine. They nod with the wind, the sunlight highlights one area, then moves to another. The petals open to the sun, then begin to close as the sun sets. However, the movement adds to the fascination of painting from life.
12" x 12"   Oil on Linen    TAKEN

Grimms Bridge Road

There is a lovely valley near the Pennsylvania/Ohio line where the Beaver Creek winds around rocks on it's way to the Ohio River. A one way iron bridge crosses the river at one point. large flat rocks lay piled up at the edges or midstream. Sycamores hang out over the water. A vivacious woman named Penny invited us to paint the stream in her back yard. Her friendly husband also asked me to paint their house. Below are the results of a few hours painting in warm sunlight at Grimms Bridge Road. !6" x 18" on Linen canvas covered board.