Thursday, June 11, 2015

Antique Car

Many people notice this 1940's car along Route 7.  Painting here with other artists was a super Plein Air experience. The owners were so gracious.

12" x 12"   Oil on linen     $375 each

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Montara Beach

Finally! We are at the end of our journey. I had to paint along the Pacific. My Friend Henry drove me to several spots that were picturesque. We walked around while I sought the perfect spot for painting. The day was overcast. The fog lifted, but still left a moody grey. 
12" x 16"         Oil on Linen      $450

Balanced Rock, Moab

Then came Moab, Utah. What a fantastic place to paint en plein air! I am sure Monet would have been enthralled! We used up a lot of our driving time here! Consequently we were on the road until one AM to reach our motel!
12" x 16"      Oil on linen    SOLD


From Kansas we drove to Boulder,Colorado. While there we found that the Boulder Plein Air group & the Fort Collins Plein Air group were painting together the next morning in Loveland at Devil's backbone open space. We met my friend Laura and a number of other artists to paint in this beautiful area.
12" x 16"         Oil on linen       $450

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


My artist friend Michelle invited me to ride to California with her last week. We made it a priority to paint landscapes along the way. This time we painted from a knoll standing on a dirt road. We were about a mile from the I 70 exit. 

8" x 16"    Oil     $350