Friday, August 31, 2012

Beaver Creek, Sunspots

Today Lupine & I went to Beaver Creek State Park. He played, jumping down a bank into the creek, while I painted en Plein Air. It was so cool & relaxing in the shade.

12" x 16"       Oil Painting      $750

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rupert Farm

This afternoon I took our Siberian Husky to my paint-out. I parked along the roadside at highway 7. I prepared the pallet (all but the mixing) before leaving the studio. The scene caught my eye a few days ago, but then there were cows in the shade of the trees. The dog entertained himself by digging holes.

12" x 16"      Oil Painting      $450

Pond Lilies

I have returned to this small pond in full of lilies several times this month. It doesn't seem to say what I want it to yet. Very abstract. Some push & pull. But....

11" x 14"    Oil Painting      $350