Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ohio Appalachia

This is a scene near Clarkson, just above Beaver Creek State park. It was evening and I loved the pale green field of grain against the dark trees. The blue hills in the distance with just a hint of pink in the sky. The crown vetch and some iron weed almost ready to bloom in the foreground gave it some complimentary color.

11" X 14" Oil on canvas board $550

Cascade Park

Cascade Park is an old amusement park in New Castle, Pennsylvania. At one time there were rides of various kinds. It is now a large and interesting park area, with a cascading creek running through it. To the right is the framework of what was once a bridge for some ride. 9" X 12" Oil on canvas Board $485

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wild Poppies

Painted this scene near a sign that warned "Wildflower area, do not spray or mow" The name of the park is Lafayette Trace.

10" X 20" Oil on canvas board Sold

Field and Stream

Painted near Noblesville, Indiana while standing on a red iron bridge. The first of three done during the end annual gathering of plein air painters.

9" X 12" $250 Oil on canvas board

Cicero, Indiana, Cornfield

The first weekend of this month a friend and I drove to Indianapolis, Indiana. A plein air event was sponsored by Hamilton County, Noblesville. We had a fantastic time were well cared for by friends and artists and the painting below sold to a lovely, perky woman from town.

                                                  12" x 16"  Oil on canvas Board   SOLD

Peninsula Railroad Station

Painted this during a weekend competition in Peninsula, Ohio. It will be on sale at the Peninsula Art Academy until August 6. Don't yet know the results of the competition. The bright caboose against the green tree first attracted me, but the old train station and train trailing out into the distance are what I like about the painting.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fresh Plowed Ground

A scene not far from our home that I painted a year or two ago. This week I worked a little more on the forground and am very pleased with the result. 20" X 24" oil on stretched canvas $500

Peace Farm

A year and a half ago I painted this farm landscape near Leetonia. I chose it because of the big peace sign painted on the side and because I liked the distant view. The painted sign on the barn never got into the painting. But, I never quite liked the painting. This week I pulled it out and was looking for a painting to fit a 12' X 12" frame. I cropped the left side of this painting and now I really like it, plus it fits the frame. 12" X12" oil on canvas $450

Farm Near Volant

This painting was done a few weeks ago at a Tom McNickle workshop. He paints en plein air in watercolor, but does wonderful studio paintings in oil, using the plein air studies. I have since worked a little more on the painting. 11" X 12" oil on canvas $450