Friday, December 31, 2010

Small Green Pitcher with Pears

I painted the Still life two evenings this week. It is sooo wonderful to have something on the easel and be pushing paint around.

oil painting 12" x 16" $450    SOLD

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Neshanok Creek

Another artist friend painted with me on a snowy day last week. We stood near a bridge. As the daylight changed the colors changed. One day I will do multiple paintings as the light moves and changes. What I do now is try to gather and incorporate the colors into one painting.

12" x 16" Oil Painting $450

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Barb's Grandchildren

Today I painted three children. They were so good, but the last, being only two, was done before I was. I think I would like to work a little more on him. They are Irakli (Hercules), Elia and Eleni. Very beautiful.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Winter On The Farm

This past Saturday my sister and our friend Jim attended Tom McNickle's art open house. After all that inspiration we drove out into the area, which is Amish country. This is the scene I picked. They painted the scenes facing other directions.

Oil on canvas 12" x 16" SOLD

Monday, December 6, 2010

Yellow Creek In Orange and blue

This is a lovely valley in the heart of Struthers. We painted the view from the bridge.

Oil Painting 9" x 12" $350

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shallow Creek

Being late in the year the sun was low by the time class began. Looking for something simple to paint quickly we chose the creek bed. The orange glow of fallen leaves reflected in the pools or is it the orange of the setting sun? Blue slate of the creekbed compliment the orange ember. My pallet consisted of sienna, orange, red and cobalt blue, plus white.

Oil painting 9" x 12" $350

Friday, November 19, 2010

Volant Barn

This barn, chicken house & summer kitchen are near the Volant Mill. The sun highlighting the buildings impressed us. This painting won first place in New Castle Festival of the Arts!

                                                           oil painting 9" x 12"   SOLD

Barn At Pine Lake

This is a barn at the south end of Pine Lake. The Y Plein Air class painted here the second week. So I have another demo painting.

Oil Painting 9" x 12" GIFTED

Scioto River

The Ohio Plein Air society paint out this month met in the High Banks Metro park. It was chilly, but I dressed very warm and with the sun out, plus protected from wind by the trees it was so cozy. This is the result of my efforts. I worked a little more on it once I got it home, but not much.

Oil Painting 12" x 16" $485

Farm Road

This is the demo during my first Y class this session. It gets dark so quickly now. But, the evening sun makes such lovely contrasts and colors!

Oil Painting 9" x 12" $350

Rainy Day in New Castle

Another plein air demo. It was raining on this day when we set up, but I was determined we would not give in to the weather. I took along some large umbrellas, some that could attach to the easel and one that fit into a holder thrust into the ground. I also took rain parkas. We painted contentedly while it drizzeled.

oil painting 9" x 12"    SOLD

Amish Farm & Cornfield

This is the farm I published last month, but it did not quite please me. I have worked more on it and like it much better. It is a demo painted with my plein air class near New Wilmington. PA. Oil Painting 12" x 16" $550

Friday, October 29, 2010

Lake Arthur Autumn Light

Painted this scene with my Hoyt class. Took along my artist friend Michelle as "guest artist". Beth picked the place. The sky gave us a real show, perfect evening for plein air painters.

9" x 12" Oil Painting $350

Tipp City Brick

The Ohio Plein Air society was invited to paint in the lovely historical town of Tipp City. There were many interesting, colorful buildings in town. I finally settled on this corner. The brick building was built in the early 1800's. Everyone was so hospitable, we plan to be back next year, Lord willing.

12" x 16" Oil Painting SOLD

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Court House, Trumbull County, Oh

Warren Artist (TAG) sponsored a Plein Air event this weekend. I painted three yesterday, They will hang in the Warren art center to be sold. This painting received honorable mention. Another one is sold.

oil painting 12" x 16" $350

Iron Bridge on RT 224

As always we looked around for the perfect spot. It seemed to be the view from the middle of the bridge. Fortunately there was a pedestrian walkway on one side of the bridge where we could safely set up our easels. I struggled with this and got down a few things I liked, but it quickly got dark. However a few touches in the studio and I am very happy with it.

Oil Painting 11" x 14" $350

One Rainy Day

This particular evening our Plein Air class planned to meet at a local park reserve. It was pouring down rain, no problem there was an open picnic pavillion where we could set up to paint this scene in the rain.

Oil painting 12" X 16" $350

Child at Y Festival

Another quick oil sketch. I love those dear faces, each person is the work of a great artist, God himself.

12" X 9" sold


Wanted to share with you a couple of quick oil portrait sketches I did at the DavisYMCA a week ago. I have done tons of quick pencil sketches down through the years. After doing so many on the spot landscape paintings I thought, "why not try some on the spot portraits?" So I did, and it was great fun.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wild Asters & Golden Rod

This is the demo for the first Hoyt plein air class this fall. I saw this colorful field on my drive into New Castle. It appears to be out in the country, but there is a Burger King just beyond the tree line and a shopping plaza beyond that. Rt. 224 is to the right of the scene.

Oil Painting 9" x 12" $350

Poland Forrest

Painted with the Y class this week. Another demo.

Oil Painting 8" x 10" $350      sold

St. James Meetinghouse

I am teaching two classes this fall. One at the Mary Davis YMCA and one at the Hoyt in New Castle. This is the demo I did for the first class at the Y. The sun was just right, giving that golden glow.

Oil Painting 8" x 10" $350

Catawba Marina, West

Worked on this two days. The friend that painted with me wanted to return a second day and I am glad she did. The sky had changed so much the first day and the result was a totally chaotic sky. The next day I was able to correct that.

Oil Painting 11" x 14" $550

Catawba Marina, east

This was a crowded marina, must have been hundreds of boats. We worked till dark. The aqua colors drew me to this area. I left many of the watercraft out, but still had to finish in my studio. I am learning to do that.

Oil Painting 11" x 14" $250

Water Lilies, Catawba West

Painted some boats in the Marina and then turned around to paint the Lily pads.
Oil Painting 12" x 12" SOLD

Bay Point Dunes

The dunes were painted on a somewhat cloudy day. It was worth the sand in our paint and shoes, I believe. I worked a little more on it back at the cottage. It always helps to have other artists around for advice.

Oil Painting 14" X 18" $350

Bergman's Farm Market

A couple of weeks ago some artist friends and I stayed in a lovely cottage at the Lakeside Chatauqua on Lake Erie.. We painted to our hearts content. This painting was the first.

Oil Painting 11" x 14" $450

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ohio River Marina

Found another lovely place on the Ohio River. Can't wait to go back. Every day would reveal different colors. This painting won first place at the East Liverpool Pottery Festival.                                                         Oil Painting 11" x 14" SOLD

Summer Kitchen

Did this quick little oil sketch one afternoon in Boardman Park. I will be teaching classes in Plein Air painting at the YWCA on Monday evenings. I thought this would be a good place to begin our painting adventures together. The Y is only about a mile from this park.

Oil painting 8" x 10"

Ohio River

I have been looking for a place along the Ohio River where I can set up to paint for years. So much is built up and private land. I found this lovely place this week in East End, East Liverpool. This Painting was juried into the Butler Regional show.

                                                  Oil Painting     14" x 18"  oil       SOLD

Carrousel en Plein Air

The Canfiel Fair has a plein air event, which I entered. This is the result of 3 hours of painting.

Oil painting 16" x 20" $385

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Quarry Steps

Met some artist friends at the Quarry near Penninsula. This was the scene I chose, because the morning light and shadow caught my eye.

9" x 12" oil $350

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Field of Drooping Sunflowers

Some of the farms not far from us grow sunflowers. I had scouted this out before we left, but they were not yet open. When we returned they were over done. So I painted it anyway. Perhaps next year I can be there at the right time.

11" x 14" Oil painting $350

Where the Buffalo Roam

Another Painting in Yellowstone National Park. I did not put the buffalo in the painting, but they were there and one roamed close enough to where we were that I jumped into the car. My sister and I pulled off the road and spent one afternoon painting this valley. Cars and people were milling about, driving slowly by taking photos of the buffalo. One man pulled up in a pickup truck and played a lovely rendition of "Home on the Range" on his harmonica.

11" x 14" Oil painting $ 650

Old Faithful

Two weeks ago we traveled west to camp with our nephew and his family at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. There were 11 of us and we had a wonderful time together. It was a joy to be together and to exlperience one more vast expanse of God's handiwork.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sailboats Anchored on Mosquito Lake

One afternoon this week I met an artist friend to paint at Mosquito Lake. Not knowing the area we asked a clerk in a bait shop where would be a good place to paint. She directed us right to this lovely scene.

12" x 16" inches Oil on canvas board $450

Friday, July 9, 2010

Cattle En Plein Air

Another Appalachian foothill painting. These cattle were grazing in a valley far to the left, but when I set up at the roadside they began moving up into the near graze. Oil painting 9" X 12" $450

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ohio Appalachia

This is a scene near Clarkson, just above Beaver Creek State park. It was evening and I loved the pale green field of grain against the dark trees. The blue hills in the distance with just a hint of pink in the sky. The crown vetch and some iron weed almost ready to bloom in the foreground gave it some complimentary color.

11" X 14" Oil on canvas board $550

Cascade Park

Cascade Park is an old amusement park in New Castle, Pennsylvania. At one time there were rides of various kinds. It is now a large and interesting park area, with a cascading creek running through it. To the right is the framework of what was once a bridge for some ride. 9" X 12" Oil on canvas Board $485

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wild Poppies

Painted this scene near a sign that warned "Wildflower area, do not spray or mow" The name of the park is Lafayette Trace.

10" X 20" Oil on canvas board Sold

Field and Stream

Painted near Noblesville, Indiana while standing on a red iron bridge. The first of three done during the end annual gathering of plein air painters.

9" X 12" $250 Oil on canvas board

Cicero, Indiana, Cornfield

The first weekend of this month a friend and I drove to Indianapolis, Indiana. A plein air event was sponsored by Hamilton County, Noblesville. We had a fantastic time were well cared for by friends and artists and the painting below sold to a lovely, perky woman from town.

                                                  12" x 16"  Oil on canvas Board   SOLD

Peninsula Railroad Station

Painted this during a weekend competition in Peninsula, Ohio. It will be on sale at the Peninsula Art Academy until August 6. Don't yet know the results of the competition. The bright caboose against the green tree first attracted me, but the old train station and train trailing out into the distance are what I like about the painting.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fresh Plowed Ground

A scene not far from our home that I painted a year or two ago. This week I worked a little more on the forground and am very pleased with the result. 20" X 24" oil on stretched canvas $500

Peace Farm

A year and a half ago I painted this farm landscape near Leetonia. I chose it because of the big peace sign painted on the side and because I liked the distant view. The painted sign on the barn never got into the painting. But, I never quite liked the painting. This week I pulled it out and was looking for a painting to fit a 12' X 12" frame. I cropped the left side of this painting and now I really like it, plus it fits the frame. 12" X12" oil on canvas $450

Farm Near Volant

This painting was done a few weeks ago at a Tom McNickle workshop. He paints en plein air in watercolor, but does wonderful studio paintings in oil, using the plein air studies. I have since worked a little more on the painting. 11" X 12" oil on canvas $450

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cathy's Garden

My painter friend Cathy has a beautiful garden in the city of Youngstown, where she invites us to paint on Tuesdays. This week I painted the poppies and columbine and something purple. Never can quite capture the brilliance of the sun on those poppies.
                                                 9" X 12"   Oil on canvas board      SOLD

Quaker Falls

Someone told me about these beautiful falls just across the Ohio line into Pennsylvania on 224. There is no sign and although they are just a few feet from the highway. They say this was the site of a Friend's (Quaker) Settlement and mill.
There was a steep and somewhat precarious path of natural rock and tree roots into the ravine, down which I hauled my pochade box and tripod. It was an adventure.