Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bluff Lake

Denver Plein Air Painters met at Bluff Lake this week. You look around at the drab winter colors and think, how can I get a good painting out of this? Then you look closer and begin to see one or two outstanding spots of color. And as you settle in color begins to explode. It did for me in this painting. I can also say that the photo of the same spot doesn't begin to compare

9" x 12"          Oil on Canvas           $450

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Late Afternoon

My artist friend Laura gave us a tour of the Rocky Mountain National Park via Estes Park last Thursday. Cold as it was, with the wind whipping down through the mountain pass, we stood out & painted for a couple of hours.

9"x12"       Oil Painting       $450

Jeannes's View

The artist Jean Widman invited us to paint in her studio on Lookout Mountain this past week. My sister was visiting from Ohio  and we thoroughly enjoyed the view and atmosphere. This is a view from the studio window.
12"x9"   Oil Painting     $350

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gateway Mesa

Jon was the only other painter to venture out this Thursday. It was a struggle to paint under the glaring sun and then the wind picked up.
12" x 16"     Oil Painting         $550

First Seasonal Snowfall

The past two weeks we have had major snow storms on Wednesday. The Castle Rock Plein Air Artists meet on Thursdays, perfect timing to paint snow scenes with mountains
10" x 10"         Oil Painting            $250

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Audobon Center, Littleton

Plein Air Artists Colorado met yesterday at the Audobon Center near Littleton. The day was overcast and the clouds swirled over the mountain tops. A chill wind blew. Still, the gold & oranges of the rabbit bush and foliage against the cool blues of the mountains was inspiring.
9" x 12"     oil on canvas        $450