Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Simon's Fields

I scheduled Simon's hay field for our Monday Plein Air meet-up. My hope was that the round bales would still be sitting, throwing some shadows onto the fields. The clouds too were making a wonderful display of rolling light & shadow. Thankfully the dramatic landscape held. The wind was somewhat gusty, forcing me to hold the easel still with one hand while painting.
12" x 24"  Oil on cradled board  $650

Franklin Park

Marianne and I each painted a demo for Michelle's art class at Capital U. one morning. That afternoon we had a few hours before picking up our paintings from a show at Columbus Art Museum. We chose to spend our time painting the gardens at Franklin Park.  

12" x 16"  oil on canvas board  $550

House on Franklin

We had about given up our plan to paint with John Daniels plein air meet-up that evening, considering the sporadic rainstorms. However, about eight PM we decided to give it a try. The meet-up was on Franklin Street, an old section of Columbus. Between a few  scattered showers I caught some light and angles of this interesting house on Franklin. 
11" x 14"    Oil on canvas board    $350

Roses in the Rain

Last week my friends Michelle and Marianne painted with me in the  Columbus park Garden Of Roses. It was a beautiful day! An accomplished classic guitarist came along to play nearby as we painted. As the afternoon wore on a black cloud blew over us and everyone scattered. But, I was not quite finished. Fortunately I paint in oils, the water runs off of them. I was able to cover my board to finish, and the rain let up a bit.
12" x 16"   Oil on canvas board  $550

Mary's Garden

We painted again this year in Mary's well tended garden. It happened that early that morning the farmer who rents her fields had baled the hay. We were so excited for the opportunity to include them to lend interest to our paintings. Just as we settled on our composition the farmers drove in with a wagon and bale lift to take up the bales. We groaned. Sweet Mary ran out to ask the farmers if they would begin pick up in fields over the hill. They were very kind to agree, much to our relief!

16" x 20"   Oil on cradled wood   $550

Shi Su Roses

One afternoon in the Fellows Riverside Rose garden. Noises in city of Youngstown fade when walking or painting in the gardens. 

12" x 12"  Oil on cradled wood   $450