Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wild Asters & Golden Rod

This is the demo for the first Hoyt plein air class this fall. I saw this colorful field on my drive into New Castle. It appears to be out in the country, but there is a Burger King just beyond the tree line and a shopping plaza beyond that. Rt. 224 is to the right of the scene.

Oil Painting 9" x 12" $350

Poland Forrest

Painted with the Y class this week. Another demo.

Oil Painting 8" x 10" $350      sold

St. James Meetinghouse

I am teaching two classes this fall. One at the Mary Davis YMCA and one at the Hoyt in New Castle. This is the demo I did for the first class at the Y. The sun was just right, giving that golden glow.

Oil Painting 8" x 10" $350

Catawba Marina, West

Worked on this two days. The friend that painted with me wanted to return a second day and I am glad she did. The sky had changed so much the first day and the result was a totally chaotic sky. The next day I was able to correct that.

Oil Painting 11" x 14" $550

Catawba Marina, east

This was a crowded marina, must have been hundreds of boats. We worked till dark. The aqua colors drew me to this area. I left many of the watercraft out, but still had to finish in my studio. I am learning to do that.

Oil Painting 11" x 14" $250

Water Lilies, Catawba West

Painted some boats in the Marina and then turned around to paint the Lily pads.
Oil Painting 12" x 12" SOLD

Bay Point Dunes

The dunes were painted on a somewhat cloudy day. It was worth the sand in our paint and shoes, I believe. I worked a little more on it back at the cottage. It always helps to have other artists around for advice.

Oil Painting 14" X 18" $350

Bergman's Farm Market

A couple of weeks ago some artist friends and I stayed in a lovely cottage at the Lakeside Chatauqua on Lake Erie.. We painted to our hearts content. This painting was the first.

Oil Painting 11" x 14" $450

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ohio River Marina

Found another lovely place on the Ohio River. Can't wait to go back. Every day would reveal different colors. This painting won first place at the East Liverpool Pottery Festival.                                                         Oil Painting 11" x 14" SOLD

Summer Kitchen

Did this quick little oil sketch one afternoon in Boardman Park. I will be teaching classes in Plein Air painting at the YWCA on Monday evenings. I thought this would be a good place to begin our painting adventures together. The Y is only about a mile from this park.

Oil painting 8" x 10"

Ohio River

I have been looking for a place along the Ohio River where I can set up to paint for years. So much is built up and private land. I found this lovely place this week in East End, East Liverpool. This Painting was juried into the Butler Regional show.

                                                  Oil Painting     14" x 18"  oil       SOLD

Carrousel en Plein Air

The Canfiel Fair has a plein air event, which I entered. This is the result of 3 hours of painting.

Oil painting 16" x 20" $385