Monday, March 30, 2009

Rocky Shoreline

This is my favorite of those I painted at Lakeside Chautaqua on Lake Erie last summer. The painting was on exibit at the Butler Institute of American Art this year along with the Mennonite Farm Garden painting. My plan is to return to Lakeside this summer to paint again.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Killbuck Marsh

Painted a few miles south of Wooster at an OPAS paintout. The sky threatened rain, but held off (except for a few sprinkles), until afternoon. I worked intensely to cover the canvas and capture the changing light and shadow in the time we had before the group gathered at 1:30 to eat and critique.

County Road

Painted at the Pine Tree Barn Paintout. I stood on the road to paint this, thankfully there wasn't much traffic. Two young conservative Quaker Friends, Pricilla and Susanna came along with their little lap easels. I was surprised they had no impatience at staying in one place for several hours. They were as caught up in the right brain activity of recording nature as I.