Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cathy's Garden

My painter friend Cathy has a beautiful garden in the city of Youngstown, where she invites us to paint on Tuesdays. This week I painted the poppies and columbine and something purple. Never can quite capture the brilliance of the sun on those poppies.
                                                 9" X 12"   Oil on canvas board      SOLD

Quaker Falls

Someone told me about these beautiful falls just across the Ohio line into Pennsylvania on 224. There is no sign and although they are just a few feet from the highway. They say this was the site of a Friend's (Quaker) Settlement and mill.
There was a steep and somewhat precarious path of natural rock and tree roots into the ravine, down which I hauled my pochade box and tripod. It was an adventure.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Field to the West

Worked this evening a little more on the painting of the field across the road. After painting the last two paintings it looked anemic. This is the changed painting. 12" X 12" oil on canvas $400

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lusk Lock Road

The purple Dame Rocket is flowering along the roadways and in Meadows.I went looking for them today as I sought a scene to paint. This lane to an old canal seemed the perfect spot. 12" X 16" Oil on Canvas SOLD

Amish Farm

Last weekend I painted with Tom McNickles. There were at least twelve other artists taking his workshop. He paints en plein air in watercolor, but does wonderful studio paintings in oil using the plein air studies. Below is the first painting that I did. Oil on Canvas. 11" X 14" $350

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fields & Mustard plant

This painting is looking west from our home. It was overcast and rainy when I painted here yesterday, today it cleared. I thought the distant tree line and the patches along the hill would be interesting. The mustard plant blooming adds interest too. 12" X 12" Oil on canvas panel $400

Friday, May 7, 2010

North Hill

Did this from my studio in late evening. The shadows of the unseen pine trees are long and dark on the hill and the trees in the distance lit up in contrast. Strips of dirt alternate with the spring green of grass. 9" X 12" oil on canvas board $350

It's A Griswold

I worked a little more on this painting. I think it is greatly improved and looks good in an ornate black frame. The title comes from my cousin's exclamation when the church ladies were ready to toss the tea kettle out. It has a very tiny hole in the bottom. The tea towel is one I bought at a friend's mother's garage sale. 9" X 12" Oil on canvas $150

4-H Sheep Barn

Last fall I participated in the plein air event at the Canfield Fair. This is the result of that event.