Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Empire Colorado

Today the Denver Plein Air painters met at Empire. It is quite a drive up into the mountains. It was cool and windy up there. I drove a little past the village and found this scene. It was a bit secluded and I wondered about wildcats and bears and snakes, but didn't see any.
11" x 14"   Oil Painting       $650

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Longs Iris Farm

The famous Iris farm is the place where the Boulder group met this past week. Yesterday was such a lovely day, so I looked it up. The people there were friendly and helpful. They have a wonderful catalog that is famous far and wide. It was thrilling to see the purple in the rows of iris blooms reflected in the mountain.
12" x 9"  Oil Painting    SOLD

Sawhill Ponds

Went to meet the Boulder Plein Air painters here this past week. But, whoops! This is where they had scheduled to meet last week. Oh well, it was a lovely day.
11"x14"     Oil Painting     

Monday, May 23, 2011

Red Rocks Park 2

This particular painting  was done a few weeks ago when the Denver group met. It turned out that I never did meet up with any of them. 

9"x12"    Oil on canvas      Private Collection

Eldorado Springs

On this day I drove toward Eldorado Springs and stopped at an "open space" trailhead to paint. A set of six year old twins were very interested in my painting. They even mentioned Van Gough.  They even brought out their own art work  and then sat down to paint alongside me.

11"x14"        Oil On Canvas              $450

Spring in the City

The Denver Plein Air Painters Met at Old South Gaylord Street last week. This area is the second oldest shopping district in Denver. It truly looked and felt like another place, far removed from this modern city.

9"x12"     Oil on Canvas   $450  

Saturday, May 21, 2011


This is a scene along a walking path near where I am living. The day was overcast so I decided not to go to the mountains. I walked about a mile to a little creek. This time I had a larger canvas and made a great start, but then a light rain began to fall. Not wanting to abandon the start and knowing it would all be different on a different day, I persevered. By the time I left I was shivering & stiff with cold. At least I don't think it is overworked.

16"x20"     oil on canvas       $750 

Mount Evans

 This is the result of the Plein Air paintout in Denver two weeks ago. I was told that snow capped peak in the distance is Mount Evans. The sun was bright, but the wind was blustery, so I painted in my car.   
9"x12"  oil on canvas    $250

Boulder Trail

One morning I painted with the Boulder Plein Air painters at this site. I must   begin to keep a notebook of the names and maps of places I paint.
11"x14"      oil on canvas          $550

Lair Of The Bear

One cold afternoon I drove west into Bear Creek Canyon. This is a scene from a creekside path in Bear of the Lair state park.

11"x14" Oil on Canvas  SOLD

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Windmill

One afternoon I drove west out of the city and saw this old farm off the interstate. While I was painting two photographers  came by to take shots of the scene.

9"x12"  Oil on canvas   $350

Boulder Farms

 What a lovely day to paint. Only a little windy, as the mountains tend to generate wind! Hold onto your hat. This road into the open space was the ideal picture, framed by dark pines and the distant snow covered mountains.

8"x10"  canvas on birch board   $350 

Pond Along Boulder 95

It has been a couple of weeks since I have been connected, but I have not stopped painting! Now I finally have access to internet and will share with you again. Below is the first of two small  paintings I did on a beautiful  sunny day near Boulder. This was  just a little north of  the Teller Farms  Open Space.

8" X 10"  Canvas on Birch Board    $350