Thursday, October 31, 2013

Guilford Lake, Before the Rain

I painted a demo for an artist friend who lives on Guilford Lake. This is her backyard! Just as I was finishing up the rain began. God has good timing!

12" x 16"    Oil on Linen  $450

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Firestone Home, Built 1880

This is an oil painting of a house built in 1880 by Harvey Firestone for his sister. It is on the south edge of Pine Lake along Lipply Road. It was moved to this spot a year ago & is now for sale. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day to paint plein air after the past week of colder windy days.
Update: We were so sorry to hear an arson set a fire that burnt this house to the ground the summer of 2014. 

16" x  20"     Oil painting      $450

Friday, October 25, 2013

Mary Patterson Gallery

Below are a few photos taken later in the evening of my Gallery show of 39 works at the Mary Patterson last week. There was a nice turnout for the opening. The exhibit runs through November 15. 

The last photos are actually of the Art Outreach Gallery
where a friend & I showed our work that same summer.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Beaver Creek Sycamores

Pac met at Beaver Creek State Park yesterday. There was a chill wind, but three hooded sweat shirts, a down vest, a long sleeve t-shirt, and a fuzzy long sleeve pull over kept me cozy warm. That's six layers, and no snow yet!
I painted on a square wood panel that I had treated with linseed oil. These are ready made to use with encaustic (wax). However, once treated the warm wood tone makes a fine support for oil painting.   

12" x 12"     Oil on wood panel      $450


I offered to demonstrate Quick oil sketches at the YMCA "Afternoon of the Arts". This is the result. Liz was very lovely, posing patiently while people milled around, commented & photographed the scenario. I have to be happy with this as a quick sketch, but would have continued to work on it given more time. I do love to paint faces!
9" x 12" oil   SOLD

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Cattle at 310 & 37

All together I filled 7 canvas' this past week. I was looking for a farm with cattle or horses. When I first set up at this farm there were long horn cattle in this pasture. They did not hang out in the heat but a few minutes, then headed for the shade. I liked the view anyway.
14" x 14"    oil      $550

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ella's Purchase

Just as I was finishing the "Jersey Mill Rd Soy Fields" a bubbly & lovely lady asked if I would paint a picture for them on their property. Their surrounding fields had been plowed  & the trees had not yet turned color. However, I was drawn to some trees lined along the drive. Beyond the tree-line the evening light turned the field a brilliant yellow green. The photo below shows the happy couple, but the colors of the painting are somewhat muted. The painting looked as though it was "meant to be" on their living room wall, which was a light blue green color.
11" x 14"    Oil Painting      SOLD

Jersey Mill Road, Soy Fields

This is a scene along Jersey Mill Road, a bit north of Alexandria. The soy bean fields have a wonderful glow to them when the sun bathes them in it's light. We  hung our paintings wet for a sale along the sidewalk in front of the Sunbear Studio & Gallery in Alexandria.
12" x 16"    Oil  Painting     $550

Roadside Barn With Outbuildings

One morning I was struck by the wonderful shadows & bright lit areas on this old barn & outbuildings. While standing near the road to paint the angle that I wanted a woman drove up in a SUV, asking if her children could watch me paint. Absolutely I said, so out they tumbled. This also inspired the photographer from the Columbus Dispatch to stop for a photo shoot. (My 5 minutes of fame)
12" X 16"        OIL          SOLD

Childhood Home near Alexandria

While painting the previous home a passerby stopped to commission me to paint his childhood home. This is also a historical building, which was moved to make room for a new highway. The angles were a challenge, but I really love the finished piece.
11" x 14"   Oil     SOLD

Five Generation Home

This house was built by the Brooks family in the early 1800's, & has been in the family for 5 generations. Ohio Plein Air Society painted in Licking County, around Alexandria & Granville, Ohio, this past week. The weather was beautiful for outdoor painting.
11" x 14"  oil painting    $350