Friday, February 17, 2017

Swamp In Late Winter

Kathy Farthing and I painted together again on February 13th. The thermometer registered around 30 degrees. I was not expecting to stay out long. However the sun shone brightly on us. We were a little protected from the breeze in this wooded area, near the Mill Creek Park fitness trail. In fact we were very comfortable.
12" x 12"  Oil on cradled wood   $650

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Pomegranate And Beets

Occasionally, Michelle, the artist and my friend takes time out to drive the 150 miles or so to visit and paint. We set up this still life in my studio. 
12" x 12"  Oil on cradled wood  $550

Magenta Cyclamen

My birthday present needed to be carved in paint! So I obliged it. Several artists demonstrated at the local Y,I chose to paint my birthday present.
12" x 12"  oil on cradled wood   $550

Heather & Tea

This is another fantastic still life with Anita's stuff! Really fun to paint with other artists.
12" x 12"     Oil on cradled wood     $550

Plant With Still Life

This our paint group has been meeting inside. Anita, the host artist, sets out a still life or we bring objects to arrange. My main enjoyment is to paint from life (as verses a photo or memory), so a still life is fine. 
12" x 16"    Oil on linen    $450