Saturday, February 26, 2011

Furrowed Valley

A little over a week ago an artist friend called with an offer to paint with her. We met in this Pennsylvania valley. The day was warmer than any day we've had this winter, heavenly. I had some 8" x 10" canvas boards I had made. Not being used to painting that small I took two, thinking I might do side by side panoramic panels. What I did were two of the same view. Panel 1 & Panel 2. The snow was nearly gone in the second. 
Furrowed Valley 2  $200
Furrowed Valley 1   $150

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lezlie & Jeremy

In Friday's Life Drawing class we had two different models, Lezlie & Jeremy. I am so grateful to them for taking the time to come. They are very precious people. We only had an hour each and they did various short poses for us. Very natural.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Strawberries In Winter

This was one of the still life of four that I set up for the class yesterday. I did a quick oil sketch using paint they left on their pallets. I like the looseness of it. The classes were fun.

Oil Painting  11" x 14"

Friday, February 11, 2011


We had a wonderful model in our drawing class today. His mother, Aida had to do some persuading to get him there, but he was a natural. He did very interesting poses and sat perfectly still. We were blessed.

Green Apples In Blue Bowl

I have been working on this all week, only because I was not satisfied with the tea towel. An earlier painting with a red striped tea towel was amazingly easy. I can say this tan towel is rendered more like a Van Gough. I will have to do many more with this tan towel in them, just to learn how to render it to my satisfaction.

$250 Oil painting

Brenda in Robe

This is another from last week that I forgot to photograph. It may be the best of them all. We will do more tonight, or maybe just do self portraits.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Many Sides of Brenda

Last night an artist friend agreed to sit for my life drawing class at the Boardman Y. She was so creative in her poses. We had great fun grabbing these quick gestural sketches.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Frozen Falls"

Monday On my way home I met Michelle at Charleston Falls to paint. This falls was frozen into solid ice. The path to the falls was also solid ice. We were bundled up so well that at first I felt overheated. However 3 or so hours later the sun went behind a cloud & we began to feel the cold.

9" x 12" Oil Painting $250


This past weekend I took a trip to Indiana. It was a combination of ministry and nostalgia. While attending a weekend conference I stayed with a friend I made while in High School and her husband whose marriage I witnessed in 1964. Jane's husband, Pete, sat for this drawing. He only fell asleep a few times. What a great guy. 18" x 24" Conte` Crayon on paper

Jim's Wife Elaine

The Life Drawing class at the Davis YMCA is going well. If anyone wants to check it out come on over and draw with us! This drawing was done using a graphite stick, a charcoal stick and a stump to soften the edges.