Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shallow Creek

Being late in the year the sun was low by the time class began. Looking for something simple to paint quickly we chose the creek bed. The orange glow of fallen leaves reflected in the pools or is it the orange of the setting sun? Blue slate of the creekbed compliment the orange ember. My pallet consisted of sienna, orange, red and cobalt blue, plus white.

Oil painting 9" x 12" $350

Friday, November 19, 2010

Volant Barn

This barn, chicken house & summer kitchen are near the Volant Mill. The sun highlighting the buildings impressed us. This painting won first place in New Castle Festival of the Arts!

                                                           oil painting 9" x 12"   SOLD

Barn At Pine Lake

This is a barn at the south end of Pine Lake. The Y Plein Air class painted here the second week. So I have another demo painting.

Oil Painting 9" x 12" GIFTED

Scioto River

The Ohio Plein Air society paint out this month met in the High Banks Metro park. It was chilly, but I dressed very warm and with the sun out, plus protected from wind by the trees it was so cozy. This is the result of my efforts. I worked a little more on it once I got it home, but not much.

Oil Painting 12" x 16" $485

Farm Road

This is the demo during my first Y class this session. It gets dark so quickly now. But, the evening sun makes such lovely contrasts and colors!

Oil Painting 9" x 12" $350

Rainy Day in New Castle

Another plein air demo. It was raining on this day when we set up, but I was determined we would not give in to the weather. I took along some large umbrellas, some that could attach to the easel and one that fit into a holder thrust into the ground. I also took rain parkas. We painted contentedly while it drizzeled.

oil painting 9" x 12"    SOLD

Amish Farm & Cornfield

This is the farm I published last month, but it did not quite please me. I have worked more on it and like it much better. It is a demo painted with my plein air class near New Wilmington. PA. Oil Painting 12" x 16" $550