Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Today Suzanne and some of the women who take the Y art classes met to demonstrate in the center of the lovely spacious building. Ellie kindly offered to sit for me! As you can see she is very paintable! And a joy to paint.
12" x 16"     Oil      Sold

5 Squared

The Davis YMCA is taking donations of art five inches square. These six are squares I took from older paintings. The top left was painted in Colorado. The two to the right of it are from a plein air competition I entered at the Van Wert  County Fair. the bottom left is a sunrise on lake erie, and the two bottom right from one painting at a nearby pond. 

6 five inch square oil paintings. Available in January at the Davis YMCA

Friday, December 11, 2015

Bells & Pomegranates

This is my seasonal still life and a setup for a demo that I painted last Saturday at the Hoyt. I hope to take a better photo later. The painting is hanging in the Butler Sales Gallery currently. The demo is larger. I haven't finished it, but will post it when I do. 
12" x 16"       Oil on board           $450

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Tea Garden

This past Monday we painted at Tea Garden Centennial Covered Bridge. Many old sycamore trees live along this creek. Moss and fallen leaves on the intricate roots of this sycamore challenged me to paint them. Brilliant sunlight in November day gave a glow to the distant trees. Shadows on the stream caught gemlike reflections of deep green & orange.
12" x 12"    Oil Painting     $450

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Old Farmhouse

A large old farmhouse near Franklin Square, on old route 558. It was a scene asking to be painted, with the house on a hill, almost castle like. Then a Hopper like glowing sunlit south side contrasted with deep shadow to the west. My photo, taken when the painting was wet & the sun was setting, has an even greater glow!
11" X 14"  Oil on canvas panel      SOLD

Valley Creek

Follow old state route 558 just west of Franklin Square. You will see this creek, which looks rather shallow. When we have heavy rains it overflows it's banks, spills over the road and into nearby fields. This week it was just a trickling creek and we could park in the field alongside. 
14" x 11"  oil painting    $350

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Bales of Corn Stalks

Could hardly wait for a chance to paint this scene. The bales are of Corn Stalks. Somewhat rougher than the normal straw or hay bales. The daylight was gone before I was quite ready, however I was able to return the following day.
This painting has been juried into the Butler juried area artist exhibit, which will hang in March.

18" x 24"         oil  painting         $550         

Steiner Farm

This week the weather has been perfect for painting plein air! I scheduled the plein air group to meet across from the Steiner Farm on County Line road the 2nd. The farmer was cleaning out the barn, hauling manure, but I think we were upwind, so no offense. We were all thrilled to be out painting in this perfect weather.

11" x 14"        oil painting     $350

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Calla Road

One section of Calla Road peters out at the edge of what is now the Mill Creek Park Wildlife Sanctuary. At one time it was a fish farm and there are several ponds in the valley to the left. We have painted here often. Last week the color seemed to be along this lane. I returned a second day to paint with a friend, to find the autubon club spotting a variety of migrating birds.
18" x 24"     Oil    $550

Autumn Reflection

We've had an impressive two weeks of brilliant colors this year! I cannot ever paint the actual wonder of their transparent glow. However on has to try! This week the Plein air group met off of Golf drive in Mill Creek park. The weather was a little brisk, but the rippling reflections on the creek were worth our efforts. 
16" x 6"   Oil   $350

Kidler Gardens

The Plein Air group met at Kidler Nursery in Homeworth, Ohio one Monday. The place has a wonderful display of plants; also,a beautiful gazebo for wedding ceremonies. We had a peaceful, relaxing afternoon.
11" x 14"    Oil Painting   $250

Buhl Park

The city of Hermitage Pennsylvania asked artist to paint Plein Air throughout the park during an outdoor craft festival in October. The park is well kept with many trees. These trees struck me immediately! It was fun to paint on the edge of a circle of craft tents, with families and elderly and young people milling about. 
24" x 18"    Oil on linen     $450

Friday, October 9, 2015

Red Barn

Met my artist friend Brad to paint at the Burbick farm again last week. It was a cool overcast day, but a few areas of blue sky opened up. This is a farm along the Middleton Road in Columbiana County.
11" x 14"    Oil painting    $250

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Garden Artist

Ohio Plein Air artists converged onto Licking County a couple of weeks ago. Karen LaValley was the perfect model as we painted in the "Cats Run" flower gardens! 
18" x 20"    Oil on Gessoed Board      >SOLD<

12" x 12"  Another view of the Cat's Run Gardens. Oil painting
Available in the Sunbear Gallery, Alexandria, Ohio >sold<

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Toth Gardens

We painted at the Hubbard Toth gardens last week. The day was hot and humid. Sitting in the shade over-looking a garden was the best place to sit on such a day. This was a gourd arbor.
12" x12"      Oil on masonite       $250

View From Burbick Farm

The day was clear with a cool breeze. The artists met to paint on the Burbick farm along Middleton Road. I chose this scene for the stark light & shadow and the bright orange field. So peaceful to paint sitting in the landscape!!!
12" x 12"   Oil painting     

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Charles Burchfileld's Backyard

The East Ohio Plein Air Painters met to paint at the Charles Burchfield Homestead this week. The day was beautiful for painting. The kind docent kept the museum open until we were finished. We had a nice show of artists. Our friend Michelle came from Columbus and stayed to paint. charlesburchfieldhomestead.com

16" x 20"         Oil on linen         $550

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sam's Place

Driving by my friend Sam's place we looked up the alley and saw he had a lush backyard garden surounded with tall sunflowers. We had to paint it!! We really had trouble deciding which direction to paint. Would it be the alley side,lined with sunflowers, or with the patch of broccoli in the midst, or a view taking in all the older homes? It was already later in the afternoon, so I chose a view looking through the sunflowers to Sam's house. 
12" x 16"   Oil on linen    $450

Sheep Woods

This second painting is looking opposite the Leaning Tree Sheep. The sheep were moved across the road. I offered to do a demo for a first time plein air artist Mark. The next day We returned and he painted a neat composition in a square format.
12" x 16"     Oil on Linen    $350

Leaning Tree Sheepfold

Last week I met with other artists along Heck Road on the Simon Sheep farm. It was a hot day. The sheep huddled under the shade of a leaning tree all afternoon. One or two would venture out every so often to crop grass. The pile of sheep appears to be tan rocks, until one lifts it's head. So I had to hurriedly sketch in a few when they stood to eat. Sheep do not stand still!
18" X 24"    Oil on masonite    $450

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Women's Club

The final day at Lakeside I painted the Women's Club. Although exhausted, from the intense heat and plein air painting three days straight, this painting felt like energy was flowing through me. God is so good!
18" x 24"      oil          SOLD

Yellow Bicycle

There was this yellow bicycle sitting by a yellow house calling out, "Paint me"! So I did.

11" x 14"    Oil on linen      
On Sale @ Artists-In-Cahoots, Lakeside Chautauqua, Lakeside, Ohio

Tuscany Windows

The second day at Lakeside my friend Michelle and I painted in the business area on Second Street. These windows and the warm stucco walls reminded me of a European building.  
18" x 20"    Oil      SOLD


Spent the weekend painting with 35 or more artists at Lakeside Chautauqua on Lake Erie. The first evening the lake was a wonderful aqua color.
11" x 14"     oil  on linen    SOLD

Marina, Ohio River

Eastern Ohio Plein Air painted at the Babbs Island Boat Club again this week. No better place to be on a hot humid summer day than down by the river! This is the Ohio side of the Ohio River.
18" x 24"   Oil      $550

Friday, July 10, 2015

Wild Roses & Green Algae

Painted last week at a swamp along Lipply Rd. A popular road with a view of an eagle's nest. Constant traffic with people stopping to watch the parent eagles care for their young. Blooms of wild roses along the roadside drew me to this scene.  
18" x 24"    Oil on masonite   $550

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Storm Clouds Rising

My Plein Air group painted at Diane's on Macklin Road yesterday. A hot muggy day with storm clouds building up and thunder in the distance. Perfect day to capture Ohio displaying the handiwork of God.
18" x 24"     oil on masonite      $650

Michelle at Sundown

One evening near sundown our artist friend Michelle sat reading while I tried to capture her with a hallo! The dappled light through pine and redbud is our front yard.
18" x 24"  oil on masonite   

Spring Willow

Painted with Brad one summer day. This is Maple Ridge Farm along State Route 7.

18" x 24"  Oil on Gessoed Masonite    $475

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Antique Car

Many people notice this 1940's car along Route 7.  Painting here with other artists was a super Plein Air experience. The owners were so gracious.

12" x 12"   Oil on linen     $375 each

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Montara Beach

Finally! We are at the end of our journey. I had to paint along the Pacific. My Friend Henry drove me to several spots that were picturesque. We walked around while I sought the perfect spot for painting. The day was overcast. The fog lifted, but still left a moody grey. 
12" x 16"         Oil on Linen      $450

Balanced Rock, Moab

Then came Moab, Utah. What a fantastic place to paint en plein air! I am sure Monet would have been enthralled! We used up a lot of our driving time here! Consequently we were on the road until one AM to reach our motel!
12" x 16"      Oil on linen    SOLD


From Kansas we drove to Boulder,Colorado. While there we found that the Boulder Plein Air group & the Fort Collins Plein Air group were painting together the next morning in Loveland at Devil's backbone open space. We met my friend Laura and a number of other artists to paint in this beautiful area.
12" x 16"         Oil on linen       $450

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


My artist friend Michelle invited me to ride to California with her last week. We made it a priority to paint landscapes along the way. This time we painted from a knoll standing on a dirt road. We were about a mile from the I 70 exit. 

8" x 16"    Oil     $350

Monday, May 25, 2015

Street Faire

Painted an old fashioned street fair in East Palestine this weekend. One summer we had a sleepover at my grandparents when cousins visited from California. My grandmother walked with us downtown, about six blocks from their home, to ride the ferris wheel. Grandma rode with us. We were probably about 10 years old.

16" x 24"    Oil on masonite     $575

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Swamp Iris

The Plein Air East Ohio group met this week at Mill Creek Metroparks lily pond. The yellow swamp iris were in full bloom in a swampy area near the pond. A few sprinkles of rain fell as clouds moved over us, the sun came and went behind clouds. A little thunder rumbled in the distance. It only adds to the ambiance of outdoor painting.
12" x 12"        Oil on Board          $550

Sprucevale in Spring

This is a painter's paradise. Took my dog, just in case I might need protection. It just happened to be the weekend a boy scout troop camped here. What a blessing those guys are. When the rains came they offered to help carry my things & lead my dog up the path to my car.
16" x 20"   Oil      $650

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mill Creek Bridge

The day was cold, in the 50's. I would not have chosen to paint today, but a fellow artist friend asked if I would, so I did. Really like the result. 
11" x 14"   Oil on Linen     $450

Poland Woods

Painted at Poland woods this week. The Virginia Bluebells were just about done. The spring greens were leafing out in abundance.
12" x 12"   Oil on linen.     $350

Yellow Tulips

I sat outside one evening painting the yellow Tulips blooming in our yard. Not as easy as one might imagine. They nod with the wind, the sunlight highlights one area, then moves to another. The petals open to the sun, then begin to close as the sun sets. However, the movement adds to the fascination of painting from life.
12" x 12"   Oil on Linen    TAKEN

Grimms Bridge Road

There is a lovely valley near the Pennsylvania/Ohio line where the Beaver Creek winds around rocks on it's way to the Ohio River. A one way iron bridge crosses the river at one point. large flat rocks lay piled up at the edges or midstream. Sycamores hang out over the water. A vivacious woman named Penny invited us to paint the stream in her back yard. Her friendly husband also asked me to paint their house. Below are the results of a few hours painting in warm sunlight at Grimms Bridge Road. !6" x 18" on Linen canvas covered board.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Ohio RIver Valley

Spring is finally making it's way to Ohio. A friendly couple in East Liverpool invited our Plein Air group to paint on their hilltop overlooking the beautiful Ohio river. Wind & rain storms would pass through, so we had to hold onto our easels, as well as blot the water from our pochade boxes. But it was all manageable. My biggest problem was that I left my easel at home. I attached my canvas covered board to my cart with a bungee cord. Wasn't easy to work with, but I did manage. I now like the result!
16" x 20"    Oil on Linen    $550

Old Train Depot

Our Plein Air group met to paint at the old East Palestine Taggert Street train depot last week. It was one of the nicest days we have had this year. Perfect to paint outdoor landscapes! 
16" x 20"     Oil on linen     $350

Friday, April 10, 2015

Hoyt Entry

A Demo painted, on a rainy afternoon, under cover of The Hoyt Museum porch. The ancient Beech tree made a fascinating study.
12" x 12"  Birch panel  $350

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Still Life, Inside/Outside

Painted this in my studio with a painter friend Michelle. Two areas of this painting lend exciting dimension. The framed landscape I painted a few years ago and the actual March landscape view through the window.

12" x 12"    Oil on wood    $450

Still Life, A Few Things

Our artist friend Michelle set up a couple of still lives with a few things we found sitting around our house. We painted each day of her visit. Some red peppers we bought at the Roger's Sale, and antique blue jar containing popcorn, one old cream pitcher, celery cabbage, etc.

18" x 24"  Oil on gessoed board   $550