Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sam's Place

Driving by my friend Sam's place we looked up the alley and saw he had a lush backyard garden surounded with tall sunflowers. We had to paint it!! We really had trouble deciding which direction to paint. Would it be the alley side,lined with sunflowers, or with the patch of broccoli in the midst, or a view taking in all the older homes? It was already later in the afternoon, so I chose a view looking through the sunflowers to Sam's house. 
12" x 16"   Oil on linen    $450

Sheep Woods

This second painting is looking opposite the Leaning Tree Sheep. The sheep were moved across the road. I offered to do a demo for a first time plein air artist Mark. The next day We returned and he painted a neat composition in a square format.
12" x 16"     Oil on Linen    $350

Leaning Tree Sheepfold

Last week I met with other artists along Heck Road on the Simon Sheep farm. It was a hot day. The sheep huddled under the shade of a leaning tree all afternoon. One or two would venture out every so often to crop grass. The pile of sheep appears to be tan rocks, until one lifts it's head. So I had to hurriedly sketch in a few when they stood to eat. Sheep do not stand still!
18" X 24"    Oil on masonite    $450