Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cone Flowers and Lemon Lilies

The eastern ohio plein air group met at the Kirk Road trailhead in Austintown this week. The old stone railroad station and pavilion are impressive, hope we can paint the in the fall. The flower gardens are making a lovely show.
10" x 8"   oil on canvas     $350

Backyard Volunteers

Our artist friend Michelle came to paint our garden with me. She was astonished at the impressive profusion of our backyard summer flowers, Cone Flowers, black eyed susan & phlox. It is so good to have friends to paint with!

                  12" x 20"  Oil on Linen    $550

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Burlingame Farm

Last week I scheduled the plein air meet-up at Burlingame's Farm. As has been usual this summer rain clouds rolled in, soaking us on and off as we painted. The scene was ideal, now if only the cattle would stay in one place!
16" x 20"      Oil on Linen       SOLD

Ohio Prairie at Springfield Bog

I met another artist, Michelle, at the Springfield Bog Prairie last week. Worked on a larger canvas, it was a hot muggy day, and I took the dog with me. He seemed contented, and the prairie was teaming with a variety of flowers
18" x 24'    Oil on Linen   $850