Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Thunder Storm Moving In

Thunder storms moved around us as Mary Nell and I painted from the lot of an Amish greenhouse. What a lovely view, I could not do it justice. As the evening approached and clouds rolled across the sky the colors of the landscaped changed constantly.

12" x 16"      oil painting      $350

Friday, May 23, 2014

Volant Falls, Springtime

Plein Air Demo in Volant, PA. 
12" x 16"    Oil      $550

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Springfield Bog Prairie

Some artist friends met to paint at the Summit County Springfield Bog. It was a beautiful day to paint. Surprising how lovely a field of dried weeds can be! 
12" x 16"          Oil on Linen     

State Park Campground

I may work a little more on this. Monday the East Ohio Plein air Club met to paint at the Beaver Creek State Park Campground. The hawks were circling overhead, mayflowers were blooming, peace and life were revealed in nature.
12" x 16"   oil painting      $350

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pond on Brink Road

Spring at the pond on Brink Road near Grove City, PA.
5" x 10"   Oil on Board      $275

Apple Blossoms

Again, the apple blossoms have quickly come and gone. The artist can't procrastinate a day or two if she wants to paint the blossoms in their full glory. The day we painted storm clouds rolled over every half hour or so. Then we had some blue sky off and on. I have a large tractor umbrella that kept me partly dry, but still had to dump the water out of my paint box several times.

12" x 16"        Oil on linen        $450

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

An Old Geranium

Monday the Eastern Ohio Plein Air Club met at the YMCA, Boardman. Our goal was to promote the Art programs at the Y. The Mary Davis YMCA sponsors our group. They also have many other good art classes available. This lovely geranium was on display at the front desk. According to the employees  it has been around a long time.
9" x 12"    Oil on Board      $350


Eastern Ohio Plein Air group met this week at Poland Forest. The bluebells were fully opened. After finishing the landscape I was in the mood to paint a portrait. Marilyn, Brad's girlfriend was hanging out,  and she enthusiastically agreed to pose for me. Thank you Marilyn! Loved painting this and she said, "It looks just like me!"
12" x 9"    Oil on board    SOLD

12" x 16"       Oil on Canvas       $250