Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Eastern Ohio Plein Air group met this week at Poland Forest. The bluebells were fully opened. After finishing the landscape I was in the mood to paint a portrait. Marilyn, Brad's girlfriend was hanging out,  and she enthusiastically agreed to pose for me. Thank you Marilyn! Loved painting this and she said, "It looks just like me!"
12" x 9"    Oil on board    SOLD

12" x 16"       Oil on Canvas       $250


Victor Errington said...

Nancy, I haven`t been on your blog for some time, but you are still producing wonderful paintings. I like this one very much. All the best.

Nancy Hawkins said...

Thanks Vic! You must have been very busy this past year. It seems that more people are communicating through Facebook than my blog!

Nancy Hawkins said...

Vic, I have tried to comment on your blog, but the email would not go through!