Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Coming Storm

Last evening, while driving to town, I passed this sunlit field of round bales. I thought I could not get home for my art gear fast enough. But, it was still sunlit when I returned. The clouds built up while I painted, though, & thunder rumbled in the distance.
Oil Painting 16" x 18" bartered for snow removal!

Holmes County

The next morning Jim, Michelle, & I searched the countryside for the perfect scene. The dirt roads along the ridges were our favorite sites, but too often there was no place to set up our easels. We finally settled here. One always thinks that just over the hill or just around the bend there will be a little better view.
                            Oil Painting 11" x 14"   SOLD

Yoder Farm

Ohio Plein Air scheduled a paint out at Charm in Holmes County this past weekend. Thanks to Jack Lieberman for arranging the event. Some of us met on Friday to paint. This was my first painting. Mary Ann Miller had met the Yoder family. They graciously consented to our painting on their farm.
Oil Painting 14" x 18" $450

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Mighty Mississippi

Michelle, an artist friend , flew to Denver to accompany me home to Ohio. Our plan was to paint each day. The second day we drove all day across Iowa, to reach my cousins in Maquoketa after dark. It was worth the drive to be with them, & to paint the Mississippi river from a bluff near Bellevue.
oil painting 11" x 14" $450

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Platte River, Nebraska

Driving east on Route 80 we finally chose a spot near sunset along the Platte River. We lost a little time watching a group of muskrats turn their heads to watch us as they floated on the current under the bridge. The colors disappeared quickly. So here's my quick sketch. I have been a few weeks trying to find a way to post in the new redesigned blogspot.
oil painting 9" x 12" $385