Monday, January 25, 2010

Back Acre

This is the view behind my studio. It seems a luxury to sit inside to paint. Sold     Oil on canvas 12" X 16"

Corn Rows in Winter

My friend Michelle drove across Ohio to paint with me over the weekend. We went out Friday afternoon and the next day painted again with a group of friends at the Butler Museum of American Art, in Youngstown. It was so much fun. When I saw this wonderful pattern of snow in the corn rows, I thought it would make a perfect painting. So exciting to find. The artist knows that the quest for the ideal landscape is always on. This and two other of my paintings were juried into the Hoyt Regional art show. $485 oil on canvas 11" X 14"

Highland Street Bridge

Another demo, this one last week. It is amazing that the Lord has given us sunshine for the two classes. The one day in the week of sun, in fact. The report is that this bridge is to be torn down. This painting and two others were juried into the Hoyt Regional show. $385 oil on canvas 11" X 14"

New Castle, PA

I painted this as a demo for a Plein Air class looking toward downtown New Castle, Pennsylvania. The sun was out, but there was a bit of haze from the melting snow. $350 Oil on canvas 11" X 14"

First Month Thaw

Almost too late to get the ice melt I wanted, most of it had already melted. But I found some in the valley at Beaver State Park. I think I have more snow scenes this year already than any year I've painted. $350 oil on canvas 11" X 14"