Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Empire Colorado

Today the Denver Plein Air painters met at Empire. It is quite a drive up into the mountains. It was cool and windy up there. I drove a little past the village and found this scene. It was a bit secluded and I wondered about wildcats and bears and snakes, but didn't see any.
11" x 14"   Oil Painting       $650


oxeye said...

Nancy: It's one thing to have to deal with gnats and mosquitoes when painting.. but bears and wildcats too?

I haven't checked in for a while but it looks like you've been busy. You're doing some really good work out west..

Nancy Hawkins said...

Thanks Jeff,
Once/if I ever have a better internet connect to navigate I will visit your site again. I really appreciate your encouragement and respect your artists eye.

hmuxo said...

This painting is absolutely incredible. You are so talented!!

Nancy Hawkins said...

Thanks Hilda. Since coming to Colorado I've found many new opportunities to paint with other artists.