Friday, December 31, 2010

Small Green Pitcher with Pears

I painted the Still life two evenings this week. It is sooo wonderful to have something on the easel and be pushing paint around.

oil painting 12" x 16" $450    SOLD


oxeye said...

you did some fine painting on that one Nancy.

Nancy Hawkins said...

Thanks Jeff, I appreciate your comment. It is kind of thrilling to see what one can do with paint. There are things that might be worked out better. But, on to the nest one!

Victor Errington said...

Hi Nancy.
Just caught up on your paintings. All paintings down to and including the portraits are fantastic. It seems that you are a very good Portrait painter as well as Landscapes. Also this latest still life is brilliant. There is a touch of Sezanne there. All wonderful Nancy. All the best.

Nancy Hawkins said...

You may be right about Cezanne`
Victor. Thanks for checking in. I could not get onto you site, but love the train depot! The shapes are wonderful. nancy

Sri Debi said...

This is one solid and fantastic painting! Colors are so clear and lovely, and that towel. WOW! Stripes rule.

A far cry from what you are doing now in Colorado. The new work is so very, very loose and full of feeling. It is nice to see your progression.

How do you think Colorado has changed you and your work. Would be a nice post to talk about that.

Nancy Hawkins said...

Thanks Debi,
It would be fun to talk art with you again. Sometimes the time factor affects my work. Mostly it seems to come from an intuitive place. I aspire to the energy & color & spontaneous brushwork your amazing paintings contain.