Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Crossroad at Route # 558

This painting was done looking east while standing on the grassy corner just south of our home. It was in last year's Springfield Gallery Plein Air Show and this years Youngstown YWCA juried Show.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sycamore In Summer

This really was painting in the heat of the summer. The wonder of it is that when sitting beside a stream in the green shade of a park, painting a study of a sycamore against the many shades of green, the summer heat is just part of the mix that keeps me in a state of mellowness.
This painting was in last years Annual Hoyt Regional Juried Art Exhibition

Enon Vallery

Driving up, down and around the hills in this area of Eastern Pennsylvania I found a sheep farm , which I spent two different days trying to capture the essence of. The second evening, a little more than an hour before dark still not happy with that painting, I packed up my easel and drove about a half mile up the road. This scene caught my eye, I parked quickly set up my easel and using the same pallet of paint, created this small painting, quiting only when it was too dark to see color. This painting has been accepted into the upcoming 36th annual Hoyt Regional Juried Art Exhibition. SOLD

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bay View

Ohio Plein Air Painters converge in the small village of Marblehead on Lake Erie at least once a year. I have joined them the last three years to paint in the summer sun around the lake. We paint furiously, share stimulating art talk and have wet paint sales downtown or in the Lakeside Chataqua community. This small painting is one of my favorites done in that setting.