Friday, October 30, 2009

The Doctor's Horses

Worked a little more on this painting. There were a couple of things that did not look quite right. 11" X 14" Oil on canvas Board $400

View From Eckert Bridge

Went with my painter friend Jim to McConnells Mill State Park in Pennsylvania one afternoon this week. He found that the park is only 36 miles from where I live. I had been driving the long way.

Emma, Two and a half

This is a quick oil sketch I did of my grandniece. I was practicing for an upcoming art festival at the Y, where I did on the spot 9 X 12 oil sketches.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fields Ripe For Harvest

Painted this this afternoon as a demo for my class. What a lovely day!

Fall in Jackson County

After wandering around the countryside looking for the perfect spot to paint, like maybe an Amish field of corn shocks, with hills in the background, we decided to stop somewhere before the day was gone. This was that somewhere.

Fall on Beaver Creek

My sister and I went to capture some of the Fall colors at Beaver Creek State Park last week. There is so much beauty one hardly knows where to begin painting.

Pumpkin, Gourds & Corn on Dresser

Spent last weekend with OPAS friends at Cantor's Cave 4-H camp, in a cozy A-Frame. Once we started painting we could not seem to stop. When night set in we painted this little Fall arrangement, then we did portraits of one another, finally winding down at the midnight hour.

Eggplant, Pineapple & Peppers

Began teaching classes in my new studio last week. This is the still life I set up to demonstrate and for them to work from.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Adirondack Color

There were more colors, three at least, but I chose these four. Never even considered how difficult it would be to draw these chairs. The shapes are not square. But the colors are so luscious to paint I had to get that drawing down.


Lakeside Shoreline

Painted on the Lake Erie shore. The large rock reminded me of one Monet painted in a much larger scale.

                                                          11" x 14"      Oil

Fields of Soy Bean

This is the view across the road from our home. The ripening soy bean plants blanket the rolling hills in warm color.

Mill Creek Park, Fellows Gardens

Painted one Saturday with Chris Leeper and others. This was a rather complex scene, but I like the textures and colors it inspired. 12" X 16" Oil painting SOLD

"Long's Old Farm"

This Farm was recently sold, then the old man died. When his wife was living the barn had been painted this shade of yellow, to match the yellow brick of their house. Then for many years after she died it was painted white. The new owners have given it a new coat of naples yellow!

"Scheel's Fields"

Scheel's rippening fields had such a wonderful glow in the late evening sun. Our home is just beyond the trees to the left.

Sunflower Patch.

The first evening I arrived at Lakeside I drove out route 53 looking for a place to paint. Could't waste much time looking because the sun would go down soon. It wasn't long til I spotted these sunflowers behind a small roadside stand. Sold