Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Train Stop, North Lima

A friend met me at this small crossroad in North Lima, Ohio where trains park on weekends. We both           found the scene intriguing.                                                 12" X 16" Oil on canvas board   SOLD

Beaver Creek, Evening Sunlight

Last evening I was looking through my viewer for a scene to paint in the Beaver Creek Park. A young man asked if I was an artist. He said he was a videographer, making a movie of the Ohio rivers. He asked if I would mind if he did a video of me painting that perhaps would be included in the river movie. I said sure, I am kind of used to people watching me work, after all I paint in public places. This is finished painting. 12" X 9" oil on canvas $350

Clarkson In Late Evening

One evening this month, before the big snow melted off, my sister and I went looking for a scene to paint. There were deer in the shadows of the line of trees.
 12" x 16"      Oil           SOLD

Friday, March 26, 2010

Swine Creek Reserve

This was painted on a warm spring day in a sugar bush near Middlefield, Ohio. The snow was quickly melting off, leaving a grey mist in the distant wooded area.

                                               12" x 16"         Oil Painting         SOLD

Monday, March 8, 2010

It's A Griswold

This tea kettle has been in our Meeting House kitchen since the new building was built in 1960. No one now remembers who donated it. The women were ready to throw it out because of a tiny leak. My cousin said, "It's a griswold." And I had thought of using it in a still life, but hearing it was worth something made it even more interesting. 9" X 12" Oil Painting $550

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Sunroom in Winter

This past week Jan and I painted from the sunroom of the Alex Hoyt mansion in New Castle, PA. The wind whistled around the building while we painted contentedly.

Apples & Primroses

Another snowy cold wind on class day. I set up this sill life in a wide windowsill. This painting and two others were juried into the Hoyt Regional show.