Thursday, April 25, 2013

A few more bluebells are out today in the Poland Municipal Forest. Bluebells in abundance are rare in our area. The fallen tree caught my eye for the center piece. May need to work a little more on the gnarled areas.
11" x 14"     oil on masonite.       $550

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sycamore In Poland Forest

Our Plein Air painting group met in the Poland Municipal Forest yesterday. There are several huge Sycamore trees that must be hundreds of years old. This one is hollow, & one wonders how is stays alive, let alone what keeps it from breaking apart. Such lovely sculpture. The floor of this woods will soon be covered with the blue bluebells. 
14" x 11"      Oil on masonite    $550

Friday, April 19, 2013

Spring in Poland, Ohio

This is a view from South Main Street in Poland. These old homes are beautifully maintained. Yesterday afternoon I stood on the sidewalk trying to capture some essence of them. At one point dark clouds swept over, sprinkling us slightly, but hardly dampening my enthusiasm. I did capture the dark cloud.
14" x 14"   Oil on Masonite    $575


East Central Ohio Plein air group met in Leetonia this week. There were several possible places to paint. I chose the downtown. Many of the lovely old store buildings are closed. Trains pass through the valley often adding to the ambiance. Some townspeople thanked us for preserving the old town in paintings. It is not a ghost town, as many people live here. The bar in the back of downtown seemed busy.
The day was very windy. The canvas is wider than My pochade box so I struggled to paint while holding onto it, until few people helped me to attach it to a telephone pole with bungee cords. What a relief to then step back every so often.  
Oil Painting        $550

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Angel Road

Yesterday, April 1st met with other artists near the Cheese Factory in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania.
It was a gorgeous day, with cloud shadows moving across the sky, but again the breeze felt frigid. The other painters painted from the shelter of their cars. Nationally known artist Tom McNickols drove past, & stopped briefly to say hello.
12" x 16"       Oil on board      $550

Downtown New Castle

Painted on a cold rainy day, under an overhang in downtown New Castle, Pennsylvania. Still a little snow hanging around.
oil on canvas       

East Palestine

Another bitter cold windy day. No one else ventured out. The town of East Palestine was built over a couple of creeks. I stood on a small bridge near where Taggart Street intersects with 165.
16" x 12"     oil on birch board  $175

Anderson Run

Plein Air paint-out in March. Rather sketchy. It was surprisingly warm that day. The warmest day of all this month. But, then we returned the next week & it had turned cold again. This is near the Lake Newport Wetlands in Mill Creek MetroPark, Youngstown & vicinity
12" x 16"   oil on canvas board     $175

Western Reserve

Wow! We finally have a Plein Air group in east central Ohio & west central Pennsylvania. I post a place to meet twice weekly, Monday & Thursday. Below is the first paint-out for the group. We met a couple miles south of Canfield at the corner of Route 61 & Western Reserve Road. Throughout March we've had a chill wind blowing & rain or snow nearly every day. 

Oil painting   SOLD