Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Tea Garden

This past Monday we painted at Tea Garden Centennial Covered Bridge. Many old sycamore trees live along this creek. Moss and fallen leaves on the intricate roots of this sycamore challenged me to paint them. Brilliant sunlight in November day gave a glow to the distant trees. Shadows on the stream caught gemlike reflections of deep green & orange.
12" x 12"    Oil Painting     $450

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Old Farmhouse

A large old farmhouse near Franklin Square, on old route 558. It was a scene asking to be painted, with the house on a hill, almost castle like. Then a Hopper like glowing sunlit south side contrasted with deep shadow to the west. My photo, taken when the painting was wet & the sun was setting, has an even greater glow!
11" X 14"  Oil on canvas panel      SOLD

Valley Creek

Follow old state route 558 just west of Franklin Square. You will see this creek, which looks rather shallow. When we have heavy rains it overflows it's banks, spills over the road and into nearby fields. This week it was just a trickling creek and we could park in the field alongside. 
14" x 11"  oil painting    $350

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Bales of Corn Stalks

Could hardly wait for a chance to paint this scene. The bales are of Corn Stalks. Somewhat rougher than the normal straw or hay bales. The daylight was gone before I was quite ready, however I was able to return the following day.
This painting has been juried into the Butler juried area artist exhibit, which will hang in March.

18" x 24"         oil  painting         $550         

Steiner Farm

This week the weather has been perfect for painting plein air! I scheduled the plein air group to meet across from the Steiner Farm on County Line road the 2nd. The farmer was cleaning out the barn, hauling manure, but I think we were upwind, so no offense. We were all thrilled to be out painting in this perfect weather.

11" x 14"        oil painting     $350