Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Brown Eggs

After the Butler Museum Paint-in two artist friends came home with us. They had come a couple hundred miles to participate. We gathered in the studio, painted a still life and chatted until after midnight. They are so much fun to have over. There is something about being with other artists that feels comfortable. Michelle has been here before and feels like a close sister, we travel to places together just to paint.

Oil Painting 12" x 16" $450


oxeye said...

Hi Nancy. I really like this painting. You really nailed it. I also got to see your painting in the 73rd Butler area opening. I had a piece in the show too. I looked around to see if you might be around but without name tags we could have been standing right next to each other and wouldn't have known it. :)

Nancy Hawkins said...

Jeff, Thank you for your comment. You are so right about the Butler show, & was thinking the same thing. But I do look different because I am a plain Quaker (not that you knew that). Your piece was so interesting. I want to study it more when there aren't so many people around.

michelle walker said...

This is lovely. I just couldn't paint that silly hand beater without the engineer rearing it's ugly head inside of me (tee hee)
I love how the Lord has a hand in our friendship. I feel the sister bond too:)

Nancy Hawkins said...

What can I say? It could have been a struggle, & I could have niggled it more, but there is something about a painting that enjoys the paint and leaves something to the imagination.