Friday, April 29, 2011

Open Space, Boulder

Today I returned to the Teller Farm open space, but this time I painted at the south end of the trail. I made plans to paint inside my car, having been told there would be high winds in the area. It is really a challenge to paint in these winds. Even as I photographed the painting while in my car the gusts of wind  shook the vehicle, messing with my focus.
9" x 12"    Oil on canvas covered birch panel 


Jim Polewchak said...

Beautiful work. I'm envious of your weather and great scenery.

oxeye said...

Hi Nancy. I think this painting worked much better than your schoolhouse painting because you were able to capture the scale of the landscape by contrasting the hugeness of the mountains with the relative smallness of the buildings. Good work.

Victor Errington said...

Wonderful painting Nancy. Sorry I haven`t visited lately. No excuses. All the best Nancy.

Nancy Hawkins said...

Hey, Jim, Jeff, & Vic, thanks for your comments! It has taken me over two weeks to get an online connection in my new place.
You are right Jeff, you can tell that I am much more enthralled with the mountains.
Jim, no need to be envious, you will soon be in France!