Sunday, October 9, 2011

Guenella Pass

This past week another artist ( drove up the Guenella Pass to paint. We drove to the very top, where Jon told me that on a clear day one could see the peaks of four 1400 foot mountains, Gray's Peak, Mount Evans, & two others. The weather that day was a mix of snow, sleet, wind and rain, oh and at times the sun shown. We drove back down a few 100 feet to get a little protection from the wind. A study light rain continued mixed with sleet at times, only stopping and clearing in the mid afternoon when we were chilled through.  For some reason passers by told us we were dedicated artists. What a great day!
12" x 16"       Oil          $550


Judy Mackey said...

This is a gorgeous painting - love the golden yellows. What an adventure to paint - yep you're dedicated but if this is your painting - wow! well worth it.

Jim Polewchak said...

As they say in England, it's lovely!

Nancy Hawkins said...

Thank you so much for your encouraging notes Judy and Jim