Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sonoma Desert

My sister & I spent a few days in Sonoma Arizona last month.  We stayed in a lovely bed & breakfast  at the entry to Saguaro National Park. The desert plants were just amazing. I expected to finish more paintings, but this is it. We wished we could have stayed longer.
9" x 12"       Oil Painting        $550


Victor Errington said...

Hi Nancy.
Although you always produce wonderful paintings, this one is excellent. well done Nancy and all the best.

Nancy Hawkins said...

Thanks Vic, It is an awesome place.

Sri Debi said...

I love this park. I have been there two times in my life, the first time at 7:00 am, alone, and my imagination took over and I felt afraid at one point. The second time was with Martin, no fear, except of encroaching housing developments.

Great painting Nancy. You really go a feel for it.