Monday, January 28, 2013

Two Sisters, Frances and Judy

Saturday 12 artists met to paint in the Butler Institute of American Art. Some painted an interior view of the museum, some chose a particular work to copy. I chose this painting. The original 30" x 25" is done in large thick loose brush strokes. It was painted in 1945 by Louis Betts. The museum director, Lou Zona, came by while I was working on this. He told me the two sisters stopped in not long ago to visit the painting. They are now quite elderly. Time passes.
Oil Painting copy of painting by Louis Betts (1945)


Paul Manski said...

Nice to read background on the painting. I read that the Butler museum is in Ohio, Youngstown and other parts of Ohio. Interesting

Nancy Hawkins said...

Hi Paul, The larger main museum is in Youngstown, there are smaller branches in Howland, & in Salem.

Sri Debi said...

I don't know the painting, and would like to know the original artist's name, BUT, you did a great copy. How nice of Lou to come and talk to you about those sisters. They should see your copy! I am sure sorry that I couldn't make it that day.

Nancy Hawkins said...

Hi Debi,
You must get there some day! I will add the artist & title soon. Thanks & Lou is a nice person.