Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Snowy Creek

One snowy day this month my artist friend Kathy Farthing asked if I wanted to meet her somewhere to paint. We live, maybe 20 miles from one another. With all the snow we knew even many parking areas in parks or pull offs would not be cleared. We agreed that a creek would be an ideal painting in the snow. I found this along old route 558, where nearby a friendly farmer had no problem with us parking our cars at the end of his plowed drive.  
It is always difficult to motivate oneself to paint in cold weather. But, when you plan to meet a friend, then dress in many warm layers, and get out there, it rather exhilarating. To top it off people are so amazed that artists would be so crazy as to paint outside in winter weather.
18" x 24"  oil on cradled wood   $550

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